Cryopreservation Monitoring

Safeguarding Precious Assets

Cryopreservation Excellence: Precision Monitoring and Assurance

Our cryopreservation solutions ensure biological processes are halted, preventing thermal reactions and preserving stored product functionality. We rigorously maintain medium temperatures for safeguarding specimens, aligning with HFEA, FDA, and NHS guidelines (3 months to 3 years).

KoolZone specializes in ultra-low temperature data loggers and sensors, designed for durability in extreme conditions. Easy installation and operation provide peace of mind in your cryopreservation processes.

Trust us for tailored solutions to meet all your low-temperature monitoring, validation, and analysis requirements.

IoT: Transforming Pharmaceuticals for Quality and Efficiency


Revolutionise pharmaceuticals with IoT monitoring services. Ensure drug quality, safety, and compliance by tracking storage conditions in real-time. IoT empowers efficient supply chain management, reducing waste and enhancing drug delivery reliability.

Enhance pharmaceutical operations, achieve cost efficiencies, and ensure regulatory compliance. Embrace the power of IoT to drive your pharmaceutical innovations forward today.

IoT-Enhanced Biobanking Benefits


Transform your biobanking experience with our IoT monitoring services. Safeguard vital samples at ultra-low temperatures while advancing medical research. Real-time data tracking and instant alerts guarantee security, compliance, and operational efficiency.

Leverage IoT's potential to streamline biobanking processes, opening doors to groundbreaking medical discoveries.

Reliable Monitoring for Secure Storage and Shipments


Ensure the safety of vaccine storage and shipments with our 24/7 monitoring systems. Utilizing industry-leading sensors, we meticulously manage and oversee each stage of the vaccine cold chain.

Our services encompass full installation, reporting, and comprehensive documentation in compliance with rigorous quality guidelines and regulations, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable vaccines.

We attach great importance to personal service and take time for you.

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