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KoolZone offers a revolutionary range of environmental monitoring solutions, designed to meet the rigorous standards of MHRA, GDP, GMP, and GCP guidelines.

From human to plant, animal, and industrial biosciences, we specialize in providing reliable real-time monitoring for temperature, humidity, CO2, Light, UV, and more.

Say goodbye to retrospective data loggers; embrace real-time alerts and automated reporting for enhanced compliance and peace of mind with KoolZone.

IoT Monitoring Solutions for Precision and Compliance


As a Monitoring IoT company, we revolutionise laboratory operations in the biotech industry. Our cutting-edge solutions provide real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, and critical parameters, ensuring compliance with stringent regulations such as GMP, GDP, and GLP.

With automated reporting and remote alerts, laboratories can maintain optimal conditions, protect valuable research, and streamline compliance efforts. Trust us to elevate your biotech laboratory's precision and efficiency.

IoT Solutions for Biotech Research and Storage Facilities

Research and storage facilities

Driving Biotech Progress: Transforming Research and Storage Facilities with the KoolZone Platform and IoT Solutions. Our cutting-edge IoT solutions facilitate real-time monitoring of critical parameters, ensuring strict adherence to GMP, GDP, and GLP standards.

Through automated reporting and immediate alerts, we strengthen asset protection and simplify regulatory compliance, empowering biotech research and storage facilities to achieve unparalleled precision, reliability, and operational efficiency.

Enhancing Cleanroom Efficiency: IoT Monitoring for Biotech


As a dedicated IoT monitoring company, we play a pivotal role in ensuring the optimal performance of cleanrooms in the biotech sector. Our state-of-the-art solutions offer real-time monitoring of crucial environmental parameters, including temperature, humidity, air quality, particulate levels, and pressure, ensuring compliance with rigorous industry standards.

With automated reporting and immediate alerts, cleanroom operators can maintain pristine conditions, protect sensitive processes, and simplify regulatory adherence. Trust us to enhance the precision and efficiency of your biotech cleanroom operations.

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