KoolZone has a comprehensive range of IoT monitoring sensors, using the ultimate in wireless communications technologies to ensure ultimate stability. They provide one of the most advanced real-time monitoring systems, for refrigeration, energy, air quality and many other critical points within commercial and industrial environments.

Meet Your Data Recording Requirements

Understanding the commercial, technical and operational requirements of your existing processes will enable us to find the ideal solution from our range of dependable monitoring devices.

Measure A Range of Datapoints

KoolZone is agnostic to the type of data monitored, which means we can support virtually any sensor.

Monitoring To Suit Your Paper Trail Requirements

Our advanced reporting engine allows for both standard and customised PDF generation, with distribution via email. All data is downloadable using standard data formats to comply with your existing long-term storage policies.

How the KoolZone monitoring system works:

Installation is very simple: just place sensors in your equipment or ambient environments and start monitoring. In open air, sensors provide long range coverage (up to 10km). With this capability indoor signals can travel horizontally through walls, across floors and vertically between floors.

KoolZone sensor gateways broadcast a long-range, low-frequency network that sensors use to transmit data, through the secure internet connection provided by the gateway, utilising a blend of hard-wired internet and cellular connectivity for total reliability.

All KoolZone equipment is provided pre-configured, so there is virtually no setup required.

Easy to install sensors
Reliable connectivity
Total data quality
planning with laptop
biomedical freezer

Laboratory, Pharma, Life Sciences

  • Industry compliant monitoring, for the safe storage of medicines, vaccines, human tissue and lab samples.
  • Temperature monitoring for all equipment including Liquid Nitrogen tanks, Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers and Incubators.
  • Many other specialist sensors e.g. high-concentration CO2 (5% to 20%).
commercial kitchen


  • Eliminate manual fridge & freezer monitoring and record falsification with tamper-proof, food-safe sensors.
  • Provide HACCP compliant monitoring reports in every food environment.
  • Reduce energy consumption, keep produce safe and understand performance over time
  • Temperature sensors are guaranteed to work from inside fridges, freezers, and even walk-in units.
warehouse and lorries

Vehicles, Warehouses, Cold Chain

  • For vehicles, we provide real-time temperature & humidity monitoring and geo-location services, ensuring temperature sensitive assets arrive at their destination safely.
  • KoolZone can also monitor the power supply to the refrigeration units on vehicles.
  • In warehouse and storage areas, KoolZone has a full range of sensor types; we can also heat-map storage spaces.

Indoor Air Quality for comfort & Covid risk reduction

  • Monitor the key attributes of IAQ; temperature, humidity and CO2 level
  • Understand the conditions of occupied spaces, including the levels of comfort and fresh air.
  • Covid transmission risk can be reduced through regular replacement of stale air, which can be quantified through CO2 level detection.
  • Set thresholds for alerts and generate reports to demonstrate due diligence.

Vaccine Distribution

  • Manage the storage and distribution of vaccines globally through KoolZone.
  • Ensure vaccines are being storage at the correct temperature.
  • Alert key stakeholders if there is a problem, through KoolZone’s SMS, telephone and email alarm service.
  • Reduce logistical complexities through 24/7 monitoring.

Can't see your use case?

The KoolZone monitoring system is extensible to almost any system. From residential swimming ponds to MRI scanners, contact us below to learn more about our monitoring capabilities.