Enhancing water safety with technology

Ensuring safe water quality is vital for public health and the environment. Poor water quality poses health risks and harms ecosystems. Technology advances offer solutions: smart monitoring systems measure pH, temperature, and a range of other parameters, aiding water safety decisions.

KoolZone enhances water systems with cloud-based monitoring, saving resources and ensuring compliance. IoT systems raise awareness by providing real-time data accessible to a broader audience, demystifying water quality components.

Live Data Monitoring Dashboards

Monitor pH, flow, turbidity, and tank levels in real-time and historically via customizable dashboards on any device, remotely

Alerting System Driven by Condition Assessment

Easily configure and customize email and SMS alerts to keep you informed, whether it's about sustained thresholds or variances

Forward-Thinking Technology Adoption

Transitioning to new tech can be complex. We offer end-to-end solutions, addressing system needs, technology, and installation, simplifying the process

Continuous Monitoring for Safety & Compliance

Continuous Monitoring for Safety & Compliance

Advanced Legionella Risk Management

Effective Legionella risk management, especially in healthcare and care homes, is essential. Ensure safety and compliance by implementing measures like water temperature monitoring and bacterial growth alerts.

Our discreet remote sensors provide automated data and alerts, reducing the need for site visits. Detect and address potential Legionella conditions promptly, unlike weekly/monthly checks. Continuous monitoring also identifies issues within hot water systems, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Proactive Insights, Real-time Alerts, and Resource Optimization

Minimizing Downtime and Enhancing Water Quality

IoT technology plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and clean water supply by enabling real-time monitoring of water quality parameters such as pH, temperature, and turbidity. This continuous monitoring allows for the swift identification of changes that may signal contamination.

KoolZone, our advanced solution, empowers technicians with a comprehensive toolkit. They can configure condition-based alerts and leverage historical trends using their in-depth knowledge of unique water systems. With this data-driven approach, support personnel can proactively anticipate potential issues, efficiently manage critical parts and chemicals inventory, and schedule maintenance tasks to prevent costly downtime, ensuring a reliable and safe water distribution system.

Enhancing Water Quality
Optimizing Efficiency with Less Staff

Enhancing Water Resource Management

Optimizing Efficiency with Less Staff

KoolZone streamlines monitoring for various equipment, systems, and facilities via a single application. Technicians can efficiently support multiple regions remotely, cutting costs and travel. IoT sensor data is pivotal in informed water management, especially vital in water quality-conscious areas. This data reveals water usage and quality, aiding resource conservation decisions. Over time, IoT sensors unveil usage and quality trends, guiding sustainable water resource policies and practices.
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