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Industrial IoT

Our App enables and simplifies device connectivity and remote management, data visualization, and automation, delivering real-time insights and actionable intelligence.

This simplifies data management driving business growth.

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Making IoT accessible
and affordable

We simplify the process of working with a few or hundreds of IoT sensors, regardless of their type.
  • All your Sensors in one Place
  • Ready-made LoRa devices
  • Modular Design Platform
  • Built for customisation
Step 1

Choose your solution

Our team is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the ideal software and hardware solutions to meet your specific needs.

Step 2


Installation is straightforward, and if you prefer, we can handle it for you, simply by placing the gateways and sensors.

Step 3

Login and use the Platform

Now, you can effortlessly access our platform and monitor your assets in real-time.

Step 4


You have the flexibility to configure thresholds, notifications, locations, and user settings that can generate incidents, reports, and much more.

Powerful Platform

Empower teams to monitor equipment from anywhere, at any time

We elevates data display, offering users quick equipment overviews, real-time updates through live dashboards, comprehensive data collection with interactive tools for advanced historical analysis. User access levels remain easily customizable through customizable profiles.
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Simplicity Meets Strength

Accelerate Your Journey

Leverage our industry-proven, user-friendly tools to optimize your business processes and hasten your journey from inception to deployment.
We specialize in rapidly advancing IoT solutions, ensuring swift results. Dive into our dedicated Industries section to explore how we can enhance your business.

Managing Rules and Events

Turn data into action

Effortlessly incorporate KoolZone into your operations, even without constant screen monitoring.
Deliver alerts through email, voice calls, or sms to preempt machine failures, or harness our analytics tools for proactive maintenance. Empower data-driven decision-making with no-code visualizations, smart alerts, scheduled reports, and robust data analytics.
Our Platform
Things you should know

Additional key attributes

AI Integrated

AI is poised to revolutionize IoT by enhancing data processing, improving automation, enabling predictive maintenance, bolstering security, and personalizing user experiences.

Strategic alliances

We've cultivated an extensive ecosystem of hardware providers, system integrators, and professional services partners, all poised and ready to collaborate in bringing your solution to fruition, including third-party APIs and devices.

Worldwide service and supply

Headquartered in the UK, we provide products and services to businesses across Europe, the United States, and worldwide.

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