Cold Chain Monitoring

Ensuring Temperature-Controlled Excellence

Cold Chain Monitoring: Beyond Paper Replacement

We provide a wide range of cost-effective cold chain temperature monitoring devices, delivering crucial information precisely when and where you need it. Understanding your cold chain monitoring system's commercial, technical, and operational needs allows us to find the perfect solution from our industry-standard devices.

Our supply chain systems optimize the monitoring of perishable items such as food, pharmaceuticals, blood, and tissues during transportation. We can transmit critical data in real-time or with a delay, ensuring your perishable shipments adhere to government regulations.

End-to-End Temperature Control Solutions

Chilled Logistics

In the chilled logistics sector, regulatory and customer demands for precise temperature control in food products are increasing.

Our temperature management solutions cover critical raw materials in distribution centers and extend to vehicle monitoring, ensuring product integrity throughout the supply chain.

Simple, user-friendly indicators verify temperature compliance.

Comprehensive HACCP Monitoring Solutions for Food Safety

Food Service

We specialize in HACCP temperature monitoring systems, ensuring complete product traceability from production to service in various commercial temperature environments.

Our products enable 24/7 monitoring of storage, cooking, and refrigeration (-80°C to 300°C), supporting food safety from the outset and offering handheld solutions for preparation and cooking.

Compliance and Food Safety with Monitoring Tools


We're dedicated to offering cutting-edge environmental monitoring tools to aid FDA compliance in the food industry and enhance food safety management.

The Manufacturers Food Regulatory Program Standards require continuous 24/7 environmental monitoring in refrigeration and storage areas to prevent foodborne illnesses and protect public health.

Our temperature monitoring solutions safeguard food quality and stability during transportation, with data loggers and temperature sensors ensuring compliance with instant notifications.

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