KoolZone Platform: Dashboard, Analysis, Charts

Simplify Data Management for Business Advancement

KoolZone Platform: Effortless IoT Monitoring

KoolZone delivers cutting-edge, user-friendly monitoring solutions. Our cloud-based platform securely gathers data from a range of sensors and devices, including those we provide or your existing equipment. Accessible from any device, our intuitive web interface eliminates the need for technical expertise and streamlines device deployment and management, regardless of the scale.

Our software empowers real-time insights, making Industrial IoT applications such as condition monitoring and data analytics seamless. With KoolZone, data management becomes effortless, propelling your business to new heights.

Real-Time Equipment Monitoring with KoolZone

Live Views

Experience real-time equipment monitoring with KoolZone. Our platform enables teams to access equipment status from anywhere, at any time.

Gain instant insights through live data stream dashboards and multiple views, providing a comprehensive overview of your connected assets.

Customised Alerts and Notifications with KoolZone

Incidents and Notifications

KoolZone offers personalised alerts that notify you precisely when an issue arises. Define your alert preferences, be it phone calls, SMS, or emails, for instant notifications when values deviate from set thresholds.

Configure rules and data logic to detect equipment conditions and streamline workflows. With automated notifications and mass alert capabilities, manage scenarios effortlessly, regardless of device numbers.

Effortless Compliance and Efficiency Reports

Reports & Analysis

KoolZone automates report generation, ensuring compliance readiness without the need for manual data review. Our reports encompass historical data from various sensors, including temperature, humidity, and other critical parameters, alongside essential statistics, alarms, and user comments.

Effortlessly access online reports and charts to enhance asset performance, cut operational costs, and identify maintenance requirements. KoolZone streamlines processes, minimizes errors, and produces legally compliant reports, simplifying audits and ensuring peace of mind.

Effortless Data Distribution

User-Defined Access

We enable seamless data distribution to authorized personnel, providing customizable access levels and roles. Our self-generated, legally compliant reports not only save time and reduce errors but also intuitively document issues.

With our highly granular audit log, you can effortlessly streamline your data management processes.

KoolZone Platform: Empowering Smart Monitoring

Unleash Special Features for Enhanced Insights

Explore the KoolZone Platform's special features for real-time insights, custom alerts, and historical analysis. With remote control, security, and user-friendliness, it transforms your monitoring experience

Easy To use

Unlock IoT Excellence: Achieve Optimal Agility, Flexibility, and Affordability with KoolZone's Codeless Visualizations, Smart Alerts, Data Analytics, and More.

Highly Configurable

Configurable IoT Solution for Diverse Needs - Define Assets, Dashboards, Device Mapping, Logic, Roles, and User-Focused Features.

Data Stored Securely

Koolzone: Your Trusted Data Guardian. Multi-Redundancy, Scalability, and Top-Tier Security Ensures Data Safety and Performance for All, From Startups to Enterprises.

Made for IoT

Seamless IoT Integration: Koolzone Platform Supports Leading LoRaWAN Network Servers, Popular Device Templates, and Multiple Integration Options (MQTT, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT).

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