All data is live and accessible from any device.

Easy to Use

Intuitive, user-friendly interface. Start monitoring your assets within minutes.


Realible with built-in enterprise security and recovery.

Universal Monitoring

For every type of sensor. 24/7/365 from any device anywhere in the world.

Real-Time Alerts and Escalation

You decide who should receive the alerts and whether those notifications arrive by text, call, or email. You also determine when those alerts are sent so they only trigger when there is a problem and values fall outside of a pre-defined range.

Alarm Escalation

Configurable acknowledgement and sharing of alarms for multiple recipients.

Quality and Reputation

Rely on KoolZone for 24/7/365 remote monitoring and real time alerts and reminders.

Reports, Charts, and Audit Log

KoolZone will produce charts for up-to-the minute intelligence on how assets are behaving and automatically generate legally compliant reports. Powerful machine learning gives you the data you need to predict where to focus your resources.

Manage regular work and receive reminders through the activity tracker which dates, timestamps, and creates a full audit log for each completed activity.

When you are able to proactively manage your operations, you reduce costs and save money. For example, a poorly functioning fridge or freezer might consume up to 100% more electricity than a well-maintained unit.


  • Time-based charts.
  • Every data point displayed.
  • Machine learning.
  • Predictive maintenance.


  • Auto-generated legally compliant reports.
  • Selection criteria.
  • Pre-formatted templates.


KoolZone Showcase allows you to create a customised view of your system within minutes. Display any number of sensors on a backdrop of your choice.

Showcase can be used to demonstrate commitment to the quality and safety of your products to colleagues or visitors to your office or site. Showcase is touchscreen so you can also use it to manage alarms.

Floor Plans, Map Views, and Vehicle Tracking

GPS sensors ensure vehicles and assets are visible on the map and controlled in real time 24/7.

Drag-and-drop sensor icons onto plans or photos of your facility to create a digital mirror of your company.