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Wireless Monitoring – Bringing Savings and Efficiencies to Large Facilities.

The biggest consideration of running a large facility is the huge amount of resource and cost involved. It is the goal of every large facility to minimise the amount of costs such as heating and cooling, cleaning manpower and lighting to name a few. It is obvious that having a greater understanding of how the building is used, what the requirements are for individual rooms, would lead to greater efficiencies and therefore cost savings.

For example, do washrooms need cleaning every day? Perhaps the washrooms are on a floor that only gets used one day a week. Monitoring the occupancy of the washroom, with a movement sensor, could provide information to the cleaning staff within the facility. If they only need to clean the room one day per week the facility will be minimising manpower, cleaning products and using less energy (heat and power).

Other areas that can be monitored in large facilities are temperature, desk/meeting room occupancy, doors and fire exits. Combining the data collected from sensors in these environments can provide additional insight into the use of the building. This in turn can be used to make intelligent informed decisions on how the building can be used going forward and re-purpose spaces where necessary.

Efficiencies can clearly be made from monitoring a large facility, however there are other considerations when installing sensors. Although large facilities are constantly under construction and are being built to the highest standard, some of the materials used such as steel and re-enforced concrete can still hinder the signal from sensors and monitors. In older buildings the signal can be restricted by very thick walls or lift shafts. Even the shape of a building can impact signals, for example RF signals in a non-orthogonal building design.

Using the latest LoRaWAN technology in the KoolZone Sensor range enables these hurdles to be overcome. The LoRaWAN technology sends data over larger distances, which means in confined spaces it is still possible to send a signal. Therefore, old or modern facilities can now take advantage of a monitoring platform and build efficiencies into their processes.

The KoolZone Monitoring Platform is the central element of the monitoring solution, which provides reports that comply with legislation where necessary and an alarm service. The alarm service is a great addition to the monitoring service, enabling actions to be taken before a critical event could occur.


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