Top 3 Things to Consider…

Top 3 Things to Consider…

Top 3 Things When Choosing a Monitoring Platform for -80˚C Freezers

Being the guardian of freezers, which need to maintain an Ultra-Low Temperature (U.L.T.) of around -80˚C is a big responsibility. There are a number of considerations that go through your mind when you’re choosing a monitoring solution.

1. Compliance – Will the data gathered be good enough?

The ability to choose the regularity with which your sensors report to the monitoring platform is down to you. You get the information you need, when you want, from where you want. These readings are compiled into reports (without the risk of being manually tampered with) that can be submitted when required for compliance reporting. The KoolZone Monitoring Platform is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and conforms to GCLP (Good Clinical Lab Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

2. Warnings of freezer failure – Want to know when something is going wrong?

A 24/7 alarm service provides peace of mind. The KoolZone Alerts can be sent by text, phone and/or email to an individual or a group of people dependant on needs. If phone alerts are chosen, the calls can be made to a pre-determined priority list. Alerts are set to trigger by pre-defined thresholds per sensor, creating a customised monitoring environment, not just a one size fits all.

3. Installation – How easy is this to install and can I afford it?

The Cloud-based Monitoring Solution is very easy to install. There is no IT involvement, nor any additional software to install on monitoring devices such as phones or laptops. Sensors can be placed on site within minutes and connected to a Gateway in just a few more minutes. In most cases a Gateway can operate in a standalone situation with no additional intervention needed to an existing infrastructure. The simplicity of the installation helps keep the costs at an affordable level, making monitoring in these harsh environments even more accessible.

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