Temperature Sensors

Temperature Monitoring

Qwantum Temperature Sensor

The Qwantum sensor, designed by KoolZone engineers, is an all-round reliable sensor. Suitable for any environment. Installation is simple, just place the sensor inside any controlled area or piece of equipment such as fridge, freezer, under cabinet drawer, or walk-in refrigeration unit.

-35°C to +50°C Small Temperature and Humidity Sensor

This sensor is ideal for locations where space is limited. It can also be used in both ambient and warmer environments.

​-25°C to +50°C Temperature and Humidity Sensor

​This small sensor with superior RF performance works well in rugged conditions.

​-55°C to +125°C Temperature Sensor

​This sensor employs an external DS 18B20 digital temperature probe, accurate to within ± 0.5°C in the measurement range -10°C to +85°C.

​Plus 300 Temperature Sensor

​The KoolZone Plus300 sensor is typically used in curing ovens or equipment operating between +100°C and +350°C.

​ULT -80°C Temperature Sensor

​The ULT -80°C Temperature Sensor is used in biotech and medical deep freezers operating between -30°C and -100°C.

​​Cryogenic -200°C Temperature Sensor

​​The Sub 200 Temperature Sensor is used in liquid nitrogen monitoring in biotech and medical applications or systems operating at temperatures between -100ºC and -200ºC.

Surface Thermometer and Food Probe

​​The KoolZone Bluetooth thermometer has interchangeable probes and transmits temperature data to iOS, Android, and Bluetooth devices.

Monitoring, Data, Alerts
3-7 Years Battery Life
Wireless Connection