Temperature Sensors

Smart Building and Environmental Monitoring Sensors

​Accelerometer Sensor

​This sensor measures the forces acting on an object to determine its movement and position.

​CO2 Sensor

Measures CO2 levels in areas of high gas concentration.

​Energy Sensor

Multi-purpose sensor that monitors, controls, and reports on power usage of appliances. It plugs into EU and US wall socket (230V/110V) and can also monitor line quality and on/off status remotely.

​PIR Sensor

A passive infrared motion sensor which detects thermal heat and motion.

​ Power Sensor

The power supply detector monitors the supply and automatically alerts on a power outage. Available for different wall plug systems including international versions (EU/US/UK).

​Pressure Sensor

Designed to support outdoor applications. Compatible with SS316 liquids and gases.

​Qwantum Temperature Sensor

A compact, waterproof, multi-purpose sensor able to transmit at distances of over 20km.

​-35°C to +50°C Small Temperature and Humidity Sensor

This sensor is ideal for locations where space is limited. It can also be used in both ambient and warmer environments.

Monitoring, Data, Alerts
3-7 Years Battery Life
Wireless Connection