Monitoring – Creating Good Customer Service

Monitoring – Creating Good Customer Service

Papa Diego in Poland are one of our Global customers, find out below what they wanted from a monitoring solution and how it helped them.

“The “fast food” industry, in which I have specialized for years, taught me everything I need to know about the importance of stable storage and storage conditions.  Wherever we have limited space in the back room, or planned breaks for kitchen workers, due to scheduled days off, the conditions for food storage play a key role.

Shopping centers have their own requirements, and this is something in which we have a lot of experience. The current development of technology and the possibility of online control, in real-time, of storage parameters of products or orders simplifies the matter.

We were looking for a tool that with high employee rota turnaround will guarantee the safety of the product storage process in the right conditions. What’s more, it’s good to have one tool to monitor networks of restaurants scattered in different cities. If something can be simplified, it should be done. KoolZone certainly facilitates monitoring administrative work, which can also affect work efficiency. No longer having to keep paper temperature measurement cards, or so-called paper-making, means in practice there is more time and focus on the undeniable quality of meals served and very good customer service. This is what we care about the most.”


Bartłomiej Gołębiowski

Head of Operations, Foodioconcepts (Papa Diego)

Making sure internal processes work efficiently to benefit the customer will always offer greater benefit to brand image, quality and therefore enhance sales.


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