KoolZone Monitoring for COVID19 Vaccine Storage & Transportation

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All over the world medical research companies are working feverishly to develop and test the Covid 19 Vaccine that will help bring an end to the terrible pandemic the world is suffering.

Hopefully this moment will arrive very soon but will require a massive logistics operation that must reach all corners of the world.  Vaccine storage requires stringent conditions to ensure safety in long and short-term storage and transportation.

These stringent conditions will include Refrigeration temperatures for short-term storage; Freezer temperatures may also be required.

As announced, longer-term vaccine storage will definitely require much lower temperatures, typically -70°C and -80°C in U.L.T. (Ultra Low Temperature) Freezers. The same will apply for safe transport.

As new life-saving Vaccine treatments become available (in limited supply), it is vital to know that the Vaccine has been stored correctly, avoiding any accidental losses due to equipment failure.

Pharmaceutical companies, transportation companies, distributions centers, hospitals, GP Surgeries etc. are in full preparation mode for what the media is calling one of the biggest logistic operations in living memory – it requires scale, speed and safety.

KoolZone provides a complete monitoring solution for the safe storage of all Vaccines, Medicines, and Bio samples.

For Vaccines, KoolZone provides easy-to-install wireless sensors for all temperatures ~ ambient, 0-20°C, -20°C to -40°C, -70° / -80°C, and Cryogenic temperatures – in Liquid Nitrogen Dewars at -197°C.

The sensors connect to the KoolZone Monitoring System, which provides Alerts & Compliance Reports, and full traceability of the storage condition; in the event of a problem Alerts which are instantly sent via eMail/SMS/Phone.

It is critical to maintain temperature stability throughout this logistics process, tracking storage conditions and the transportation of each consignment, from production to Hospitals and Surgeries.

KoolZone works in all conditions, providing continuous information and alerts to key stakeholders at any time, in any local or remote location.