KoolZone M2M roaming SIM

KoolZone M2M roaming SIM Koolzone.com

KoolZone meets strict requirements for protecting the quality of temperature-sensitive products with M2M roaming SIM technology.

KoolZone’s refrigeration monitoring technology meets the exacting quality requirements for storing food, medicine, and the organic materials used in research. From restaurants and bars to hospitals and laboratories KoolZone ensures a consistent stream of real-time temperature data.

KoolZone in the Food Industry

Sensors placed inside refrigeration and freezer units take automatic temperature readings up to 250 times per day storing the data securely in the Cloud and making it accessible from any smartphone or tablet. Instant SMS or emails alert the user to temperature fluctuations allowing them to take immediate action.

KoolZone’s sensors operate using a high-powered long-range wireless signal which communicates with a local gateway outside the refrigerator and streams the data to the Cloud. As well as ensuring the highest standards of food and drink quality, businesses use the archived temperature logs to evidence compliance with food safety legislation.

KoolZone in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

KoolZone safeguards medicines and chemicals that are sometimes sensitive to the tiniest fluctuation in temperature. As Steve Miller KoolZone CEO, commented, “KoolZone keeps medicine safe for patients and protects the significant investment made by pharmaceutical, healthcare, and research organisations.”

Why M2M Roaming SIM Cards Offer Extra Benefits

KoolZone sought to add SIM card technology to compliment its wireless offering for increased flexibility and reliability. Miller explains, “Having roaming SIM cards inside our gateways gives us several benefits. We can connect instantly, even before the additional ethernet connection is established. This is particularly useful in hard-to-access or remote deployments. Combing roaming SIM cards – which automatically use the best possible network signal – with wired ethernet means our customers have almost uninterrupted connectivity and accurate data available 24/7”.

M2M’s roaming SIM solution also helps KoolZone assure customers with vehicle-based refrigeration requirements because the card automatically uses the best available signal for mobile temperature monitoring and geolocation information.

Steve Miller concludes, “We now use M2M SIM cards across all our new deployments. The connectivity has been so reliable we’ve stopped worrying about interruptions in temperature data streaming. We put the card in our gateway confident that the roaming SIM will keep the information flowing.