Koolzone And Gpe Scientific Renew Distribution Partnership

Koolzone And Gpe Scientific Renew Distribution Partnership 900 601 Koolzone.com

Manufacturer of the most advanced wireless monitoring solution used to protect medical and research institutions around the world, KoolZone today announced the renewal of its distribution partnership with longstanding collaborator, GPE Scientific.

KoolZone’s sensors use LoRaWAN long-range wireless technology to protect the cabinets, incubators, cryogenic and ULT (Ultra Low Temperature) freezers supplied by GPE Scientific. These organisations are instantly alerted to adverse events that might cause equipment to fail or assets to degrade. Events which range from fluctuations in temperature and energy supply to human error where a freezer door isn’t closed properly.

“We’ve been in business fifty years and our customers, many long-standing, rely on us for the best advice and equipment. We have also been working with KoolZone for a number of years and are confident that recommending KoolZone is a recommendation for quality, reliability, and value. We are in effect offering high-end laboratory equipment with peace of mind included.

Our KoolZone customers include those monitoring the Pfizer-BioNTech and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines in cold-storage and -80º freezers at vaccination sites, labs, and mobile testing venues. They’re also used by the companies developing the vaccines. Important work”, said Dr Simon Rainbow, Sales Director at GPE Scientific.

Steve Miller, KoolZone CEO, added, “Our partnership with GPE is more important than ever as the scientific world searches for answers to global health, environmental, and food production issues. KoolZone protects the hardware supplied by GPE Scientific with sensors that work out-of-the-box, making it incredibly easy to replace old technology. It’s very reassuring for clinicians to know that they’ll receive real-time alerts about events that could undermine the stability of their work, no matter where they are”.

Henley-on-Thames, U.K.