Alarms how useful can they really be?

Alarms how useful can they really be?

The benefit of hindsight is a wondrous thing, and on this basis, we like to know what is happening all the time. Alarms bring an added element to being informed and provide the ability to take any necessary course of action should things start to go in a direction that wasn’t expected. However, you may not want to be alerted to every small thing, or you might not be the right person to receive the alarms.
The three elements needed to create a useful alarm/alert system are:

1. Communication options – having full flexibility to receive an alert in a manner that suits you and your team. The KoolZone Platform provides alerts by text, email and phone calls.

2. Prioritisation – taking control on deciding who gets called and in what order or be able to designate a set of sensors to a certain individual. This ability to prioritise by either user or sensor will enable greater efficiencies within your organisation.

3. Notifications – the ability to set thresholds that are relevant, create an alarm delay and remove false alerts. No longer be notified when it is not really an urgent problem, reducing workload and unnecessary stress.

The KoolZone Platform facilitates alarm customisation for your organisation, driving efficiencies within work practices and enhances contingency plans. 

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