Getting into the KoolZone

Getting into the KoolZone

Anyone can start a business but the best business ideas come from the need to solve a problem. Sure, you can jump on a bandwagon like Jeff Bezos did – noting the growth in internet users he decided to launch his online bookstore, Amazon – or you can get creative about something that bothers you and find a new way to fix it. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. 

KoolZone began this way, with a couple with a kid who needed some help to stay healthy. 

24-Hour Monitoring

In 2006 Steve and Ali Miller’s young son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and they needed a solution to the 24-hour monitoring of his blood sugar levels. Not just the monitoring but the storage of his temperature sensitive insulin supplies. Insulin doesn’t work very well if it’s not kept at the right temperature. Kept too cold it freezes, too warm and the bacteria growing in it will break down the protein. 



So began the search for the best CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) system for juvenile diabetes which they found in the USA. They worked directly with San Diego based company DEXCOM, developers, manufacturers, and distributors of CGM systems for diabetes management. Ali Miller became a super-user of the system and advisor to the John Radcliffe Hospital in the UK on technology advances in diabetes management. 

CEO Steve Miller says, “When our son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes we learned a lot about monitoring blood sugars, medication levels, and the temperature of the fridge where his insulin is kept. When the fridge failed, which happened several times, we had to discard both the insulin and the food which is both expensive and disruptive. We couldn’t find a low-cost, easy solution which could alert us to refrigeration problems so we decided to develop our own solution. This is KoolZone.” 

Industry Expertise

Both Steve and Ali have engineering backgrounds and both had worked in technology for many years prior to KoolZone. They have mapped their knowledge of electronics, monitoring, remote data access, user experience, optimisation, proactive and reactive maintenance to a range of sectors including food and pharmaceuticals. 

KoolZone MaaS (monitoring-as-a-service) is an affordable and highly efficient way to for every business, large or small, to reduce waste and keep humans and products safe. 

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