The Cost of Installing a Monitoring Solution

The Cost of Installing a Monitoring Solution 1024 684

We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve been put off installing a monitoring solution because of the cost. Perhaps you decided it would be just as easy to carry on monitoring your units manually?

Previously within some industries it could cost around £600 to install a network socket and weeks to arrange the fitting, after various approvals have been obtained. Even once the socket has been installed, the IT department are then concerned about granting people access on to the network. Then on top of that, some monitoring solutions require an on-site server, which will then need to be maintained.

How about if we could tell you monitoring is no longer expensive or time consuming to install…

Using the latest technology, we can minimise the cost of installation, which means we can pass the savings onto you. Owing to the solution being standalone, there is little to no security risk and no requirement for IT to be involved. Our mission is to help organisations achieve efficiencies and savings, from preventing wastage of energy, to the loss of products or irreplaceable biomedical research.

Why wouldn’t you move to a KoolZone automated monitoring solution?

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