Cold Chain Monitoring of Vaccines in Vehicles and Buildings.

Cold Chain Monitoring of Vaccines in Vehicles and Buildings. 1024 684

Robustel and KoolZone are two companies utilising the latest Internet of Things and long-range technologies to maintain low temperature ranges across the cold chain. The cold chain is an unbroken temperature-controlled supply chain used to safely transport and store a range of products including food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.


An unbroken cold chain is a crucial element of the Covid-19 testing and vaccine roll-out in every country for vaccines and test kits stored in fridges and freezers in the laboratory, in transit, and at mobile testing and vaccination venues.

This case study explains how Robustel’s gateway uses LoRaWAN (long range, wide area network) and smart-roaming technology to communicate with KoolZone’s powerful wireless sensors.

KoolZone’s monitoring platform has an intuitive and friendly interface that allows the user to see what’s happening to their assets from whereever they are.

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