Can anyone else out there compete?

Can anyone else out there compete? 1024 684
Can anyone else out there compete against the simplicity of installing the KoolZone Monitoring Platform?

All the monitoring platforms out there claim they’re easy to install. So how does the KoolZone Monitoring Platform compete? We can explain with three key points.

  • Signal Strength – Sensors can be placed inside appliances with metal casings, such as fridges and freezers, without impacting door seals or access points. The LoRaWAN technology used has the capacity to send data from the hardest to reach places through walls, floors and ceilings.
  • No IT involvement – Data is sent to the cloud via a cellular connection using just a standard power supply. No connection to network sockets is needed and therefore no IT involvement needed. Because the system is standalone with no other external factors able to impact on it the system is instantly more reliable.
  • No additional software needs to be installed – everything you need arrives pre-configured. You are supplied with your own personal login enabling you to customise your thresholds and alarm preferences (read our alarm blog to find out more).

Simplicity has been designed into the products and platforms to make the installation for KoolZone customers as straight forward as possible. Our ever-growing community of customers using the KoolZone Platform are testament to that fact.