Become a Partner

Become a KoolZone Distributor, OEM or Technology Partner

KoolZone products place distributors and OEMs at the leading edge of sensor technology, moving forward with new applications into new markets. By teaming up with us, we commit to providing you with everything you need to acquire new customers and advance existing ones. If you’d like to learn more about what we have to offer please call or leave a message.

With every partner relationship, we strengthen our presence and market expertise, which means we place great value on the bonds we share with our distributors, OEMs, and technology partners.

In return, KoolZone delivers the gold standard in LoRa technology and global IoT, as well as generous margins and commercial advantage through training, support, knowledge-sharing, and marketing.

Technology Partners

KoolZone aims to build meaningful partnerships with integrations that deliver products greater than the sum of their parts.

OEM Partners

Our OEM partnerships are key to the success of our system, encouraging a symbiotic understanding of competencies, standards, and commitment to deliver on both sides. Our success is your success.

Distribution Partners

At KoolZone we do everything possible to support our distributors and resellers. We also offer great margins on our monitoring-as-a-service, hardware, and services opportunities. Please get in touch to learn more.