About Us

Our History

We are an Anglo-German technology company founded in 2015. We created our monitoring-as-a-service offering to make monitoring cost effective, flexible, and less disruptive. KoolZone runs in the background allowing people to get on with their working lives.

We keep our customer’s assets, staff, and clients safe with timely alerts and the data and visual representations which allow people to fix, map, and report on all their assets and environments. From a single classroom to a multi-site food production facility.

Using IoT (Internet-of-Things) technology we replace hardwired systems with sensors that work out of the box, meaning that everyone from lab technicians to facilities managers can begin monitoring without training or recourse to IT or engineers.

We developed our application, accessible from any browser on any device, to ensure 24/7/365 access to monitored locations from anywhere on the planet. All data on equipment, appliances, devices and environments is accessible from a single control panel.

In addition to our monitoring services, KoolZone has undertaken several research projects into energy and environmental management. We continue to reimagine business process and practise for companies interested in how IoT technology can help them run more safely and efficiently.

Today we support customers all over the world in industries spanning life sciences to agriculture.

Our awards